Double fun for drafting – Part I

Some of us who never intend to draft anything more complicated than a skirt or t-shirt for ourselves and there are a few designers who recognize our needs and write great, helpful books.    I’ll be reviewing three such books  as a series to begin…when I post it.

In the meantime, let’s talk about our dummies.  I have a Fabulous Fit (FF)  that I’ve padded and re-padded happily for years.  The FF consists of a solid form on which you place foam pieces that approximate body parts like breasts, hip, etc, until its measurements match your own in all the same places.  Nice system, not too complicated and quite easy to use for multiple people.  Unfortunately, my FF’s bust size is two inches larger than my own (story of my life).

What good is drafting if you don’t have perfect measurements?  The easiest way to achieve perfection, in my dopey opinion, is to make a body double and that’s exactly what the daughter and I tried to do, using paper tape.  We had the directions on the work table table the entire time but didn’t feel the need to look at them once.  Let’s just say “Lucy” doesn’t look as neat as the Threads image.

Anyway, our idea was to get exact (EXACT) measurements through a tape form we’d put on Tilly, my FF.  Well, you’re probably ahead of me here.  Lucy  fit at the hips and waist but , duh, not at the bust.  So, that’s where I am.  I’d show you but then I’d have to change my name.