Keeping the (Quilting) Dream Alive

I’ve been listening to and thoroughly enjoying Circle of Quilters: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel.  If you’re a quilter or just a person with a pulse you’re going to find yourself identifying with the author’s finely drawn characters.

This series has been around awhile but I just found them.  I put a couple in my Audible Library last month but wasn’t motivated to choose one over my usual mystery novel until two days ago, when the urge to sew was strong and my load at work huge.  Enter Jennifer Chiaverini to keep me company as I toiled away in land of Excel and Outlook.  I’m not an adequate enough writer to describe her work except to say: she’s brilliant and you have to read or listen to her books.

I reinstalled the Audible Blackberry application so I wouldn’t have to snatch back my iPod from the son and so I could continue listening without having to juggle one more gadget.  Even better, Chiaverini’s books are available for download to your Kindle or to the Kindle for Blackberry application for enjoyment sans head phones.  Life is good!

Chiaverini inspired me.  Instead of giving up on finding time to be creative, I discovered a whole new source for it.  The next day found me buddying up with a LQS by signing up for classes.  I’ve always pursued my interests alone because of a stubborn inability to think or work in a straight line and complete lack of patience.   I imagine the rest of the class diligently following along with the instructor long after I’ve lost interest or begun a side journey on my own path.  Besides, I’m a process person, content to learn new things with nothing to show for it.  UFOs don’t bother me and I’m pretty sure the whole point of a class is to have a FO.  But, I signed up anyway.  If the Elm Creekers are any indication, individuality is not unusual among quilters.  I’m going to trust it to be the non-fiction part of the book series.    If this works out a guild membership could be in my future.

Sometimes creativity requires we take full responsibility for providing the impetus.  Rather than wait for a grand inspiration to fall on us, we have to move toward something concrete to get at the ethereal thing that will move us.  With a full week to wait for the class to begin I picked up two quilting magazines, which is unusual since I roll like I’m allergic to traditional methods.  Know what? A small quilt pattern caught my eye.  I’m pretty sure the carefully laid out process will soon bear no resemblence to the author’s and I’m also sure I’ll have a blast.