Sewing machine luv

Today I visited my newly chosen LQS (local quilting store) and fell in lust with a Pfaff Creative Vision.  Here’s the thing: I already have an Aurora  and a very worthy CE20 , my budget is broken and bleeding and I swore I’d be sensible for the remainder of 2010.  Quilt stores really can be where good intentions go to laugh at us.

When embroidery machines became all the rage I was waiting to see how many embroidered and monogrammed towels and sheets it’d take before their owners tired of just sitting and watching their machine sew without them.  Yes, I saw layettes, juvenile clothing and tree skirts cleverly embroidered but my heart rate never elevated beyond a desire to have more monogramming choices. That’s when the CE20 joined the family.  It satisfied my curiosity enough to validate ignoring the embroidery broohaha. 

Well, I can’t tell which came first, the Creative Vision or the Bernina 830 ,but both are big brutes with generous space on the sewing arm, bright touch screens, tons of designs on board and the ability to accommodate jumbo hoops.  The examples of what can be done with these monsters pitch to quilters, home decorators and fine fashion seamstresses alike.   Machine embroidery’s early adaptors – the intrepid souls who didn’t sit on the sidelines – must be applauded for setting the high expectations that led to these Hummers. 

They’re wicked expensive but obviously worth it for those with more than a passing interest in machine embroidery. I am a foolhardy girl but,  instead of plotting on how I can wrestle one of them onto my sewing table quickly, I’ve signed up for quilting and embroidery classes with my current machines.  I’ve never used either to its fullest or had any formal instruction.  If my interest hasn’t dropped off and if my machines somehow come up short (doubtful) then it’ll be time to start saving for a biggy.

Visiting that shop and trolling the internet to look at all the new offerings reminded me of all I haven’t explored with what I already own.  What I really need is the time to practice, not a more complicated machine to learn.

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