Puzzling values

It’s been awhile so one could assume I’d pick up where I last left off and one would be oh so wrong.

Instead of pattern drafting, which requires larger blocks of time than I currently have,  I’ve been exploring my sewing machines’ features and  English Paper Piecing (EPP).Sooo, I finally unwrapped the hoop for my Elna CE20 and tried out the embroidery card  that’s been in its original shrink wrap all these many years.    I get it now – machine embroidery  is a creative pursuit because of the many variables – fabric, threads, design manipulation possibilities, etc.

You can see my very first attempt at EPP in bad photos on Flickr. The nosegay block, an online BOM, was made by copying a foundation pattern to vellum, cutting out the invidual elements, basting fabric to them and  reassembling.

When working hexagon flowers I thought more about color themes than I did about how they’d play together.  As I moved the flowers closer to each other on the design wall they didn’t ‘t sing in the planned harmony.

The colors don’t clash but  when I viewed them in black and white they did clang just a little, which was initially puzzling.  Choosing a color as a uniter (as opposed to a divider)  is obviously  for those who  don’t give a hoot about values (like me).

These flowers were made with 1/2″ Hexagon paper pieces from  Paper Pieces . This wonderful site generously offers  free templates of each shape for download and so you can enjoy cutting, say, 1200 teeny tiny pieces of lightweight card stock with your paper shears.  I’m just not that fun loving a person, I guess, because I plan on being a regular customer so they can do it for me. I chose 1/2″ but there are larger sizes available, of course, as well as notions, books, and thread.  Check it out.  (no affiliation)

Speaking of puzzles, the whole process of basting the individual pieces and sewing them together is exactly like working one with  needle and thread.  And, EPP is portable, which is something you can only say about hand work.

Happy stitching!

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