I quit

Well, not yet, my quit date is August 1, 2010.

A work peer died on Sunday and it was so soon after she mentioned taking a day off to get a lung biopsy that it scared the shit out of me. No, my first reaction wasn’t a selfish, “Uh oh, what about ME??” The selfish self interest part was the immediate second thought that followed the pain of permanent loss.

I’ve never used this blog for much but this certainly seems like the very best time to start broadcasting. Anyway, on the recommendation of another work peer who is also scared, I ordered an electronic cigarette. On my own I figured I’d need to go sign up on the nicorette.com site because he’s puffing away on his atomizer thingy but still is craving the real fire and smoke of a cigarette. I guess vapor doesn’t cure everything. You should check out the site even if the Terms and Conditions says it’s keeping your info and passing it on to third parties. Opting out is as easy using the Contact Us link (or so they promise). I buy my cigarettes with my debit card so some big brother somewhere has already calculated how much I smoke anyway. My mantra since June (fuck it) has been working well for me so i went for it with no trepidation.

In between typing this into the wilderness I’m searching for an online countdown widget. The date was chosen because it’s also my quit companion’s and because my mom is coming to visit on 8/4. I’d love not having her quietly pull me aside to ask me to quit (for the 1000th time). I can see me impressing her with the style of the ecig and my proficiency with lozenges instead. It just occurs to the mom in me how much my puffery must bother her.  I’d be pissed if my kids had such a foul habit.

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