Mobile blogging in my future?

I have a new app for my PDA that will allow me to post on the fly…as if being away from my desk was the one and only thing keeping me from consistently updating you on my every move. LOL Anyway, that is apropos of the picture below thusly: how in the world would I paste a pic of one of my fabulous patterns if I was laboriously tapping out this brief post on something barely larger than a deck of cards? I’m sure it’s possible and I’m sure I don’t have the patience or the desire for that kind of satisfaction.

Claire Schaeffer guiding me step by step through two timeless jackets was almost too good to be true. In fact, I completely forgot about the patterns’ impending arrival, expecting instead to find an email telling me, “Sorry, we ain’t got no more!” When a kid vaguely related to me slapped mail on the table I wondered what could be in the manilla…MY PATTERNS! Made my day.

Look ma, no side seams!

Look ma, no side seams!

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