Gimme some ribs

I’m swatching in earnest. I just happened to be listening to past Knit Science podcasts when I came to one on swatching while I was swatching. Serendipity? Methinks so. I enjoy this particular podcast because she takes knitting seriously without being a total nutcase about it. Anyway, now that I’ve become a swatch convert I’ve run into a question: What do you do when you’ve ordered yarn that disappoints? This Iron Ore looked so rich online but – and, maybe it’s the dyer in me – this color isn’t quite right. I’m committed to it though and thinking of a dip in a dye bath when I’m done. The drape isn’t quite there either and … I know, I know…kvetch, kvetch, kvetch, right? Maybe dying and blocking will put my piddly persnicketyness to rest. The photo lighting continues to confound me and my blogging life will prematurely end if I don’t get the hang of the obligatory looky-at-what-I’ve-done shot. In any event and despite my whining, this is now destined to be a relaxing bit of knitting (ala Sue Grafton’s interview on the Lion Brand’s Yarncraft podcast) in the form of a 4×1 rib mock turtle pullover. Something to do between trying to understand socks to the extent I don’t need to refer to anything and The Project, which is still percolatin’.

Iron Ore 4x1 rib swatch

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