Oh what a tangled web…

That’s it…no deception here, just the tangled part. The house was dead quiet, two projects requiring ribbing lay ahead of me – an opportunity your average I-ain’t-lookin’-for-no-trouble person would’ve used to begin said projects. Well, not me. I brewed a cuppa and sat down with a piece of something I’d been contentedly knitting on my new Harmony circulars. The needles were great, the yarn better than I’d expected and my knitting rhythm just hummin’. Only…didn’t I read online that using the Portuguese method made purling, and thus ribbing, waaay easier while ensuring perfect tension? I surely did. And, didn’t I have an unopened DVD of said Portuguese knitting method? I surely did!

Forming a knit stitch wasn’t too hard once I got used to having the yarn in front of the needle at all times and using my left thumb – a very lazy, underutilized fella – to place the yarn over the working needle. The problem was, and still is, maintaining an even tension on the yarn that allowed for the thumb toss and just the right amount of yarn to feed through. There is very little mention of tension other than references to the pin (which holds the yarn on a hook) providing it. No, it doesn’t. The video instructor showed it over her middle finger right finger…that’s it. Does the pinky do anything? Is it wound anywhere else or held down by the right fingers? Dunno. I found a few videos on YouTube and kinda sorta sorta figured out how to finagle some tension…only my ribbing was loser than it’s ever been and didn’t draw in the knitting at all. By this time I’d forgotten how I’d been knitting all the previous day (nay, all my LIFE) and had to watch a bunch of videos on Continental style…only to end up with knit stitches that sat wrong on the needle and STILL no elastic ribbing.

I’ve, um, put my knitting aside for a little while. Maybe I’ll pick it up and magically know how to knit again… Maybe this is a good time to practice my photography and work on getting the right lighting so I can upload those images. Photography’s a good hobby I hear…

Learning Portuguese style knitting

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